Winter tyres Viatti Bosco Nordico

Viatti Bosco Nordico winter tyres

Viatti Bosco Nordico winter tyres —
Smart design and enhanced reliability of the tyres allow for confident driving both through deep snow and on urban main roads.


Detailed model description

Today Viatti Bosco Nordico winter tyres set the standard to a large extend for studded winter tyres for both full-size SUVs/CUVs and passenger cars.

The tyre model range has been jointly developed by Italian, German and Russian experts using the most advanced rubber mixing technology ViaMIX. Like other Viatti tyres, Bosco Nordico are designed primarily for Russian roads, which ensures their suitability for all climatic peculiarities of Russian winter. Numerous tests conducted by the leading automotive companies as well as by professional drivers have proved the excellent performance of Viatti Bosco Nordico winter tyres through deep snow and on chemically melted ice-covered urban roads.

  • VSS (variable sidewall stiffness) technology makes the tyres literally adapt to the road, thus enabling both high-speed cornering and considerable cushioning of impacts from potholes, asphalt joints and other road imperfections
  • The asymmetric tread pattern and widely spaced studs contribute to excellent tyre durability and significant noise level reduction.
  • Reliable ice and wet grip is ensured by sipes densely spaced along the tread width, and longitudinal grip is enhanced due to highly-elastic blocks.
  • High reliability, excellent on/off-road performance and safety of Viatti Bosco Nordico tyres are achieved by means of their unique tread pattern with a central reinforcing rib and reinforced longitudinal blocks designed according to HighStab technology. All this helps to sustain high speed during straight line driving, sharp cornering and other types of maneuvers, including the most extreme ones.
  • Special recesses in shoulder blocks designed according to SnowDrive technology enhance deep snow performance.
  • Slushplaning resistance is ensured by Hydro Safe V system. Sludge is almost immediately removed from the contact patch due to the intercrossing of wide longitudinal and lateral grooves along the tread.

Due to the thoroughly developed design, Viatti Bosco Nordico tyres are a perfect choice for Russian winters with all their climatic peculiarities. Allowing for comfortable driving in any “cold” months weather conditions, the unique technology also ensures the necessary safety on winter roads.

VRF technology: the tires adapt to the road surface, absorb impacts when overcoming irregularities, and allow you to confidently take high-speed turns.

Car owners test Viatti winter tires - real tests on Russian roads!


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