I Have Tested Viatti Brina V-521 Tyres To Share My Experience

I Have Tested Viatti Brina V-521 Tyres To Share My Experience

Viatti tyres have been on the market for quite some time. In terms of cost, it is the product of the affordable price segment. And online stores very often put it on the first page, if there is a sorting by price, or as one of the most popular tyres. I was interested in the Viatti Brina V-521 model. I tell you what I have learned about it, and share my impressions of driving a car with these tyres.


Let’s start with general information that you can find out without a test. Viatti Brina V-521 is a winter tyre. There are different sizes of the rim - from 13 to 18 inches. It is a non-studded tyre with different width and height. Simply put, these tyres will not suit, perhaps, only owners of large SUVs with the wheels of R19, 20 or even 22 size. The rest of the drivers can look after such tyres for themselves. A little bit later we’ll talk about whether it is worth or not doing it. What else can be said about the tyres:

• Noteworthy is the great number of sipes. They are not very large, but closely spaced. It turns out such a mesh, which, as the manufacturer points out, should improve adhesion to different types of surfaces – from wet asphalt to icy road. And later I’ll share my experience.

• The tread pattern is asymmetrical. But I think that this is not rather important in modern tyres. And for a good driver, all tyres are multi-purpose. You can ride on mud and ice, or on summer dry asphalt road. You may don’t need it, but anything can happen.

• Beveled blocks in the shoulder area prevent the tyres from slipping on slushy mess on the road. It is an important thing. But you also cannot fully rely on it.

• VRF technology. I really like this thing. If no one knows, I’ll tell you a little more in detail. VRF means variable rigidity of framework. In further words, this is a sidewall with variable rigidity. In general, the point is that the tyres adjust to the road surface. I would not say that it works at 146%. But it works – you don’t feel shaking on asphalt irregularities.


I have driven different tyres, including those of high or middle class, and the cheapest domestic ones. But I’ve never had Viatti Brina tyres. It’s a product of the affordable price segment. I think, 16k RUR for a set of four 15-inch tyres is a very good price. I have not had a chance to test the tyres in real frosty winter weather conditions yet. Therefore, I’ll tell you about my experience in slush with a small snow and light negative temperatures.

Some positive things:

• Good grip. You can drive your car confidently at the speeds allowed by the traffic rules even on the highway. The road handling is at a high level. Water is removed well.

• Gently move over the pits. Now there are more of it. Of course, there is a slight runout. But it feels like the tyre is really adapting the surface. This is the same VRF system that I’ve written about above.

• Stability when cornering. I would not recommend turn corners at high speed. Specially for the test, I’ve done it and, I should say, it drifts a car a little, but not so much, cause, the tyres have a good grip. Please, don't try to repeat it. You need to enter the turns smoothly and at low speed.

In general, these are reliable and affordable tyres. It is worth its money. If anyone uses Viatti Brina tyres, please, share your impressions to make it more objective

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